We built four walls to contain ourselves. To have the option to lock away from life when it becomes too much, when rain persists to fall and when we need to rest. Our reliance on structures of stability and safety leave us with the option to retreat.

The pursuit for your own home, life and partner fill the minds of young adults entering another stage on from childhood. At times these walls can seem dark, light, positive and negative depending on how long is spent in these places. Now, looking at these aspects of the home go some way to make more drama than there probably is, it is the minds game. This place is always the same, every day, light plays tricks on us and the way we look at our surroundings depend on our outlook, mood and feelings at the time. For what seems contained, trapped, can always open the door and walk around. There is nothing stopping us going to the park, the town centre or the local supermarket. It is a mental block of how the home can suffocate yet protect you - depending on the frame of mind.

A home has as much to do with ambition as once its owned you reach a level of accomplishment. Neighborhoods become your immediate surroundings as life changes through each location you return to each day. The house in this instance both helps and hinders us in our pursuit to be happy.

The interior state of the mind and home require maintenance. It relies on you as much as you rely on it - it is a cooperative relationship. It is living in your parents house, hoping for your own place, independence and life. Moving out and then returning. As life provides a host of chances to gamble they do not always pay off but the family home is always there. It is what your family work for, to protect everyone involved. The will to escape the interior space becomes smothering and grips you by the arm as you leave. It is the space you return to, to eventually visit not belong.

From the exterior of the house it seems pleasant, calm. It is the interior both physically and mentally that defines the happiness of yourself as an individual and a family - in the pursuit for your own.